The Axtel One is a headset perfect for the office, home,
and anywhere you need to quiet down and listen to music
or focus on a meeting with a client.

The Axtel One is a headset perfect for the office, home, and anywhere you need to quiet down and listen to music or focus on a meeting with a client.

Impressively comfortable, loaded with tried-and-tested features, in a refined design.

Meet Axtel One – a new generation of smart headsets with noise-canceling microphones, compatible with leading communication platforms.

A moment of privacy? No need to touch your computer, with a single tap you will mute the microphone, change the volume and answer calls on the integrated in-line module.

With One you’ll hear your caller clearly, just as well as all the tones of your favorite song. We’ve placed the powerful 40mm drivers in a specially designed housing that reduces acoustic distortion, while the One’s built-in audio microprocessor constantly monitors and fine-tunes audio parameters for the best sound.

In addition, One is fitted with a dual microphone unit with advanced ambient noise reduction algorithms, so your caller will always hear no one but you. 

We know that a favorite headset is a comfortable headset. We’ve designed every element of the One with all-day comfortable wear in mind. The combination of soft-touch materials, vegan leather, ultra-lightweight design and matte black rubber finishes makes a recipe for ultimate comfort.

High Performance Noise-
Cancelling Dual Microphone

Enjoy crystal-clear conversations in any environment with the high performance noise-cancelling dual microphone. The dual microphone unit filters out background noise and enhances your voice quality.

Integrated Inline Call
Control USB Module

Control your calls with ease with the integrated inline module. The inline module has buttons for mute, volume, and answer/end calls. Its built-in smart microphone captures ambient noise and supports noise reduction during conversations.

Advanced Digital
Sound Processing

Experience the best sound with the advanced digital sound processing. The built-in audio processor monitors and fine-tunes the sound parameters to optimize the audio quality. You’ll hear every detail of your caller and your music.

Powerful 40 mm Speakers
for Best Sound

Immerse yourself in the sound of the powerful 40 mm audio drivers. The specially designed housing reduces acoustic distortion and enhances the bass. You’ll get rich and balanced sound from your headset.

Engineered for All-Day
Usage in Every Environment

Use the headset all day in any environment thanks to its thoughtful design. Axtel has been providing headsets to business customers for almost 20 years, we know that all-day comfort is key – the Axtel One is the embodiment of this. You will feel the impressive comfort from the first moment

for Best Comfort

Forget you’re wearing a headset with the ultra-lightweight design. While the earcups and headband are made of memory foam and vegan leather, the rubber matte black casing gives a usage experience previously reserved only for high-end headsets.

Compatible With Leading
Communication Platforms

Seamlessly connect the headset to leading communication platforms. Effortlessly answer a call or mute the microphone directly from the remote control.

Plug & Play

Plug and play via USB connection. The Axtel One works right out of the box. No drivers or software are needed. Just plug the headset into any device.

Designed and
Manufactured in the EU

Trust the European quality and innovation of your headset. It’s designed and manufactured in the EU, with high standards of craftsmanship and reliability. You’ll get the best performance from your headset.

Vegan Leather

Vegan Leather

Vegan Leather

Advanced Digital Sound Processing

Noise - Cancelling Microphone

Black Matt Rubber

Powerful Audio Drivers

Inline Call Control Module